The United Colours of Football

Our symbol is similar to a football teams scarf but not as we know it…It’s Not Just Black & White campaign has united all the UK football teams colours together to show the breadth of clubs that can become united for those suffering with mental health issues. We all love football and if this campaign helps a fellow fan in need of support or someone who recognises they are suffering, then we are on to a winner. Us footie fans don’t receive much good press, but we’re not all uncaring beer-swilling louts bent on destruction, foul mouthed abuse and racist tendencies. We care for our footballing community, we look after our own and we want to change how sufferers receive care. Yes, we’re mostly working class without much access to private medical health. Yes we like to make a noise for our respective clubs and we realise we are targeted by the alcoholic drinks industry. Booze is all part of the ritual of the game, but we realise it also can become a problem to players and fans alike. We want to help those of us who have been let down by the current medical system and this launch is just the beginning of the journey.


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