Call To Action


  1. To change legislation within the medical profession to offer more help to individuals and families trying to cope with the effects of alcoholism
  2. Get alcoholism recognised as a medical condition that needs proper treatment within the NHS
  3. To eradicate the stigma that prevents males of all ages feeling unable to speak openly about Mental Health issues
  4. To keep awareness of this growing problem high on the political and medical agenda to urgently overhaul the current system that failed Dez so badly and seems powerless to help Gazza
  5. To offer a platform for males and females both young and old to show their support and gather together under the unity of fan-power, and display a more caring side to the footballing community so often negatively portrayed in the media
  6. To provide constructive help, a place of collaboration between charities and members of the caring profession and a source of information going into the future
  7. To show sufferers and their families that they are not alone in this struggle and supply a forum where support and knowledge can be shared

This movement is not looking to raise funds or adhere to the constricting agendas of charities. It will be unregulated, but will be curated to ensure no cross fan rivalry de-rails its good intentions. This is a non-confrontational movement that aims to show the good of the football community and all grievances between clubs need to be set aside in a spirit of collaboration to look after our own. Negative viewpoints and judgement of the suffering of fellow fans will not be tolerated.

Show your true colours and get behind this campaign and we will show the world what fan-power can achieve in all its positive glory to help others. Sign the petition here.