Dez’s Story

The passion behind the campaign…

Tony Malcolm, a dedicated Fulham fan set up It’s Not Just Black & White campaign in support of his brother Dez, who descended into alcoholism due to his mental health and eventually passed away. The family put a lot of effor into trying to save Dez from himself and begged mental health professionals to intervene, but due to regulations they could not section hm…this is what we want to change for people like Dez and Gazza.

Derek Malcolm

Derek Malcolm, who preferred to be called Dez, was a father of three young boys with a doting family who adored him.

Dez was the life and soul of any party and had a very wide circle of friends.

But Dez was stricken with mental health issues that went largely undiagnosed and left untreated in the proper way.

He descended into alcoholism and even though his immediate family tried everything they could to prevent his deterioration, he eventually died alone in a room of a halfway house from alcoholic poisoning.

Dez’s mum paid a fortune in fees for re-hab clinics, one of which was the priory in Roehampton. Here Dez came into contact with Paul Gascoigne, who suffered many of the same mental conditions as Dez.

Dez felt honoured to be in the same room as this hero of British football and humbled that someone of his elevated status could share the same affliction as him.

Dez was a lifelong Fulham fan and of course, Gazza is a famous son of Newcastle and played for them in his earlier career.

In honour of Dez and loved ones that have been lost, please sign the following petition here.